I'm an AUTHOR!

Are you shocked? Probably not as shocked as I am. LOL

This journey started 4 years ago and the story of how I became an author is almost as sweet as the story of my FIRST book Abbey Angel: Back To The Christmas Tree.

You may know, I created a pretty popular group on Facebook - Party Mavens where I host many party professionals and enthusiasts. Enter Julia Mcmillan (all the way in the UK). Julia came into the group very early on in about 2016-2017. One day she decided to reach out to me to chat about her desires to plan events and craft. We started chatting daily and grew a friendship. Through learning about each other, Julia mentioned she had written short stories and drew little accompanying illustrations for her biracial daughters when they were younger because there were no characters that looked like them in storybooks. I of course wanted to see the sketches and read the stories. I knew immediately - this was her purpose. She was so gifted at creating these little funny stories and perfect characters. I knew the rest of the world had to read them! So I offered to help her find an artist that could draw her characters digitally so she could get them out there. We were researching night and day! Julia asked me to join the journey and be a part of the adventure. I of course obliged and never looked back. Now, two friends who have never met are bound for life through Abbey Angel!

What you may not know is we’ve been working on bringing this story to life for years! We’ve worked with about 10 artists that didn’t work out. One day during our research Julia stumbled across a company Bear With Us publishing that pretty much told us, send them everything we have and they would take it from there. They did just that. After about a year of going back and forth, getting the story and details just right, perfecting the images and completely driving their whole company crazy - Abbey Angel - Back To The Christmas Tree is complete!

We are so grateful to everyone who has supported our Abbey journey and all of the sneak peeks! We’ve had everything from donations to well wishes along the way and they mean the world to us. We can’t wait for you to meet Abbey in her first story and hope you join our Abbey adventures for the whole series!

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