Over the years, I’ve seen how much joy it brings people to DIY these little fun favors I brought to life in 2015 so every once in a while, I drop off some freebies for you to share with your family and friends! Just call me Santa Craft! I’m probably the only one that thought that was funny. LOL.

Use the four FREE designs below to learn how to craft these fun favors. Download and follow the instructions, then fill with your favorite snacks and goodies!

If you want to dive into the wild world of CUSTOM PARTY FAVORS, you’ve come to the right place. I have an actual school to teach you everything you need to know. Well, an online school. PINK SUGAR SCHOOL! It’s not one of those fancy programs with a crest or anything. In fact with “pink” and “sugar” in your name can you be anything but fun, easy and lighthearted? No, you can’t. So if you want to learn some true skills but still have lighthearted fun while doing so…check out all of the favor lessons I have to offer!

Want to design your own bag in Photoshop? Don’t worry if you’ve never used it. I’ll teach you step by step until you’re finished and you get to join my private facebook group for students click here to grab the class:

Now, to the world famous CHIP BAGS! Wait until you see how easy it is to assemble these guys. But first, let’s talk tools. Below, you can find all of the tools I use personally. Everyone has their personal favorite picks for paper, adhesive etc. BUT if you wanna do it exactly how I’ve done thousands in the last 5 years…here’s what you need to grab:

You can find everything in my Amazon store here: PSS Amazon Store

Want to download these FREE CHRISTMAS CHIP BAG FILES and follow along with the video? Click the links below.








Now, come watch me fold these up easy peasy on YOUTUBE. Don’t forget to comment, share, like, subscribe & turn on notifications for more videos like these!

Christmas Chip Bag Assembly (Short Video):

Halloween Chip Bag Assembly (Long Thorough Video):

Welp, that’s it! Easy right? Here’s a couple shots of chip bags I had fun doing in the past. As you can see these favors fit soooo many themes and you can use them for so many different treats. Have chip bag questions, ask below!

I had fun teaching you how to CRAFT SOMETHING SWEET today!



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